Baby Gender Quiz – Fun Baby Gender Detector

Baby Gender Quiz – Fun Baby Gender Detector

Most couples are waiting for happiness moments of having a baby born and feel a new sensation of pregnancy. When that moment finally comes, most of them are curious about the baby gender, especially if it will be their first experience of having a child. Lucky for us, nowadays we can detect our baby gender with the most accurate and save ways. All you need to do is just meeting the trained health practitioners and taking an ultrasound or sonogram test. But if you need another simpler and exciting way to predict, you can try the baby gender quiz method.

Determining the baby gender using this method has already been used in ancient time. Until present, many people in several parts of the world are still using this method. You can freely get that fun quiz from any kind of pregnancy websites or existing search engines. This quiz usually contains some questions classified on several topics. The most popular topic is commonly about physical changes of a mother during the conception, such as: How does mom look like during the conception? How is mother's belly shape? How is mother's breast size, is it bigger than before? Etc.

Another popular topic on the quiz is about a scientific question, such as: how is mother's average heart beat? What is mother's urine color? Does mother have morning sickness at the first three months of conception? The quiz is also asking about mother's mood condition and other questions that have no compatibility with pregnancy, such as: if there is someone who asks you to show your hands, which position that will you show, palms up or palms down? If you want to pick up a mug, which part of mug you will take; the handle or the body of the mug?

Although this method can not give you accurate information about baby gender as accurate as an ultrasound or sonogram test, you can get a lot of fun from it. Finally, you can decide for yourself, which method is appropriate and affordable for you. By taking the most accurate way to detect your baby gender of ultrasound or sonogram, the chances are that you will get the appropriate information about your baby gender. Taking a simpler and exciting way by using the baby gender quiz method is also a good idea though probably it will not give you much scientific information. 

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