Chinese Baby Gender Calendar - Another Unique Method For Baby Gender Prediction

Chinese Baby Gender Calendar - Another Unique Method For Baby Gender Prediction

Chinese have lots of marvelous and unique ancient cultures that still exist until today. One of them is a unique method that is used to predict a baby gender before the baby is born. This method is implementing a special Chinese Lunar Calendar that was designed carefully by Chinese scientist, about 700 years ago, after they did researches for many years. Start from that era, lots of people in Far East use this Chinese baby gender calendar to figure out their baby sex. They believe much that this method is very accurate, with a rank of percentage up to 99%.

This kind of Chinese lunar calendar is not merely for predicting the baby gender, but also helping you to decide the best month to get pregnant depending on whether you desire a baby boy or a baby girl. The method it self is indeed quite easy to follow, all you need to do is just preparing the calendar that you can get from Chinese stores or by downloading from any kind of today’s search engines, such as: Google, Yahoo and others. Eventually, what you need to do next is to follow simple steps that are listed in this article well.

These are indeed the simplest steps you can follow in order to get the prediction of baby gender: first of all and the most important thing to do after getting the Chinese lunar calendar is finding out your (the expectant mothers) date birth, counting from the day that you were in the womb. It means that you have to add 9 more months into your real date birth. After that, you are about to know your first month of pregnancy date (Both of dates come from the Chinese lunar calendar, not from the Gregorian calendar that many people usually use).

To get an accurate result, you must determine this two dates precisely. For extra information, the Chinese New Year varies from year to year; it falls between January 22 and February 22. Finally, for the last step, you just need to find out the dates that you have made on the Chinese lunar calendar for baby gender selection, follow the two columns till they intersect. Colors that appear on the intersect area determine your baby gender (blue for a boy and pink for a girl). So, you better try it, whether you believe it or not, it loads more fun. 

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