Baby Gender Ring Test – No Scientific Proofs of Determining Baby Gender

Baby Gender Ring Test – No Scientific Proofs of Determining Baby Gender

Parents always excited a lot to talk about their new born baby. The hottest issue in regard to the baby and pregnancy is usually about the baby gender. Parents always curiously want to know their baby gender as well as waiting for the baby to be given birth. There are numerous methods in predicting baby gender such as Ultrasound test, DNA test, and even some methods based on beliefs such as old wives tales and baby gender ring test. Couples believed that a wedding ring can predict a baby gender. Perhaps it is pretty unbelievable with lots of fun though.

This method of predicting baby gender is so simple that couples can try it at home. Take a pin, needle, or wedding ring and attach it to a thread or strand of hair then. Hold the dangling thing over mom’s belly while she is lying down. The most essential thing lays here; the needle or wedding ring will swing over by itself without any help from anyone. If the needle or ring moves in strong circular motion, you are about to have a baby girl, while if it moves like a pendulum, you are about to have a baby boy.
Some other people have stated that they can predict the baby gender by dangling the needle or the wedding ring over the expectant mother’s wrist instead of dangling it over her belly. You will be surprised that this ring test is very popular among parents in a lot of countries, even though it is hard to believe as a real determination instead of making it just for fun since there are no scientific proofs of this method. We, ourselves can prove it untrue rather than true as it is sort of old tales method that has been existing over years.

The scientific proof is here. The way that the wedding ring moves is more about the weight of the ring that is distributed and enables it to swing freely, whether it makes circular or pendulum swing. It will affect the way in which the thread and ring swing, creating a bad predictor of what gender your baby will be. Lots of midwives have started this method to figure out their baby gender over years and that some of them has helped other women to plan their pregnancy. It remains over years although every body knows it is sometimes thought ridiculous.

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